Cork County Macra 70th Anniversary Celebrations

Event Name: Cork County Macra 70th Anniversary Celebrations 
Host: Cork County Macra
Date: 23rd April
Where: Zoom


Cork County Macra 70th Anniversary Celebrations will take place via Zoom on April 23rd. We are hoping to gather memorabilia from all clubs past & present in all of the regions to showcase on the night, whether it is pictures, videos or newspaper articles down through the years.

We are asking all clubs in Cork to answer the following questions:  

  • Club Name 
  • What year was the club founded 
  • How many members has the club currently  
  • 100 words on what are some of the clubs greatest achievements since your club was founded and/or some interesting facts about your club/members down through the years.  

If clubs could gather this information & email ( it to me by March 12th it would be much appreciated. We are hoping all clubs in Cork will take part as it will be a great opportunity to showcase your club.