Competition - Blue Jean Country Queen Festival

Closing Date: 20th March 2020

Final: 29th May -4th June 2020

Venue: Athboy, Co. Meath

Current Champion: Aoife Scanlon, Meath

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Previous Winners:

2018/2019 Aoide Scanlon Co. Meath
2017/2018 Alison O'Connor, Co. Kerry
2016/2017 Alison Sinnott, Co. Wexford
2015/2016 Dearbhla O'Connor, Co. Louth
2014/2015 Susie Manson, Scotland
2013/2014 Kate Manning, Limerick
2012/2013 Cannelle Bueze, France
2011/2012 Leanne Brennan Wexford
2010/2011 Patrice Dinnen O'Leary, Seandun
2009/2010 Celine Smith, Meath
2008/2009 Jillian McKay, Scotland
2007/2008 Catriona O'Connor, Seandun
2006/2007 Hayley Clarke, England
2005/2006 Deirdre Moloney, Clare
2004/2005 Jean Williams, Galway
2003/2004 Edel Toolan, Co. Sligo
2002/2003 Carol Byrne, Co. Waterford
2001/2002 Gillian Porter, Co. Donegal
2000/2001 No festival due to foot and mouth disease
1999/2000 Pamela Leonard, Co.Mayo
1998/1999 Denise Cormican, Co Galway
1997/1998 Pauline Byrne, Co. Kildare
1996/1997 Helena Fagan, Co. westmeath
1995/1996 Mary B. Miller, Co. Laois
1994/1995 Brid O'Reilly, New York
1993/1994 Rosemary Holmes, Co. Mayo
1992/1993 Audrey Margaret Moran, Co. Cork
1991/1992 Ailish Murphy, Co. Laois
1990/1991 Martina daly Co. Cork
1989/1990 Stephanie O'Grady, Co. Galway
1988/1989 Martina Mongey, Co. Meath
1987/1988 Valerie Huxley, Co. Limerick
1986/1987 Samantha Baldwin, Co. wicklow