Macra at the SIMA International Agribusiness Show

Post on: Thu, 02, May 2019

The Macra na Feirme travel programme is an integral part of our organisation. Over the past year our national competition winners, ABP Leaders of the Year winners and Macra Ag Affairs have all represented the organisation abroad along with other Macra national representatives. Young farmer Fabian Jacob of North Kilkenny Macra attended the SIMA International Agribusiness Show in February this year. Below is his account.

The SIMA International Agribusiness Show took place in Paris. The show included a large range of machinery on display, livestock classes and agricultural conferences.

Attending the young farmers dinner on behalf of Macra na Feirme was a privilege. This event is a social experience which allows farmers from across Europe to connect and share stories. Attendee’s from 20 countries were present. The evening was largely informal and was a great chance to learn about other countries and their strengths/weaknesses within agriculture and rural areas. The event encouraged farmers to work together and encouraged discussion about CAP and what it should entail going forward. It was fascinating to realise how unique grass-based farming was across Europe. I met with many different farmers from different farming sectors including arable, dairy, and those with vineyards and orchards. Climate change, organic farming and rural isolation were common topics discussed.

While attending the show I visited many of the stalls and attended a very interesting seminar on soil ecology. I would highly encourage Macra members to take any travel opportunities that come their way. Macra offers a great platform to meet others and make connections all around Europe