Macra na Feirme says Budget 2019 is an example of ‘Thinking within the box’

Post on: Wed, 10, October 2018

Macra na Feirme National President James Healy has welcomed Budget 2019 saying, ‘While it is very much a budget that exemplifies thinking within the box, there are some positive developments for young farmers. We welcome the introduction of young trained farmer stamp duty relief and young trained farmer stock relief. In addition, with the challenges of Brexit very much at the forefront of our minds, the additional 60 million euro for Brexit-related supports to improve resilience in the farm sector is very much needed and welcomed. I now call on the Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed to ringfence a percentage of this funding specifically for young farmers, particularly those who may have been unable to avail of the previous low-cost loan scheme.’

President Healy continued, ‘It was essential that the 90 % agricultural relief on Capital Acquisitions Tax was retained and this, along with the €10,000 increase in the Category A threshold are welcome, however a much larger increase must follow next year in order to bring us closer to pre-recession levels.’

He added, ‘The youth services grant within the Department of Children suffered a 35 % cut during the financial crisis, it appears Minister Zappone secured a 1.5 million increase in this vital funding for national youth organisations. While this increase is welcome, we are a long way from restoring the 35 % lost and from meeting the increased cost of legal and governance compliance.’

Summing up Mr Healy said, ‘Budget 2019 is a very pragmatic budget while providing an element of benefit for all.’