SeandĂșn Macra are put through their paces at the Cork Summer Show

Post on: Thu, 20, June 2019

The end of the Macra season means the election of new officers for the Seandún region.  With change also comes a reason for celebration of the hard work our previous officers put in throughout the year and the welcoming of new officers.  We in Seandún love nothing more than a day out.  To mark the start of the summer, we hit the road although we didn’t have to travel too far to the Cork Summer Show where Seandún Macra hosted an obstacle course challenge.  The Cork Summer Show is one of the largest events of it’s kind in Ireland attracting thousands of visitors and definitely a great way to get known in the area.  It’s not just an agriculture show.  A lot more than this in truth.  It is in fact Cork’s oldest and largest agricultural, gardening, food and family event which takes place every June in Curraheen, Cork.  Exhibitors come from all over the country to display their work and to make sales on the day.

The Seandún obstacle course challenge allowed teams of three from each club to enter a team.  Three teams competed on the day: Carrigaline, Glanmire and Charleville.  Each team was put through their paces as they navigated the course with a cash prize at stake.   From balance beams, to collecting puzzle pieces amongst many other challenges, the teams had to ensure that they were quick.  A time trial determined who would win, with the fastest time safely done winning first prize.  Each team had to run the course three times.

Ultimately, it was Avondhu club Charleville who were successful in taking the first place cash prize with Glanmire also claiming a cash prize for coming in in second place. 

Of course the day was not about winning or losing, it was about having fun and socialising with clubs across the county and promoting Macra as a social club.  We also had plenty of other challenges to keep Macra members who hadn’t entered the time trials entertained.  It was a great day from start to finish and a great way to end the macra year although many of our clubs will remain active throughout the summer.  Don’t forget to follow our Seandún Macra facebook page to keep up to date with all of our happenings throughout the summer.