Who Will Be The 2019 FBD Young Farmer of the Year?

Post on: Wed, 05, June 2019

The search is on for the 21st FBD Young Farmer of the Year. Organised by Macra na Feirme and supported by the IFA, there are seven additional awards on offer alongside the main prize this year.

Young farmers involved in sectors such as Dairy, Drystock (beef and sheep), Land Mobility and Other Enterprises (including horticulture, pigs, poultry, tillage) are invited to enter and the winner of each sector will compete to be crowned the 2019 FBD Young Farmer of the Year.

Fiona Muldoon, chief executive of FBD Insurance plc, said, ‘FBD Insurance plc is pleased to once again sponsor the 2019 FBD Young Farmer of the Year Awards and we are proud to be associated with Macra na Feirme for this event. The success of the agricultural industry relies on the contribution of all young farmers united together and Macra na Feirme plays an integral role in bringing young, like-minded people together. Putting yourself forward to be a champion for your sector is a valuable experience, as is getting to know your peers in other parts of the country, sharing best practices and encouraging each other to bring your farms further as sustainable and profitable businesses. This is what this competition is all about.’

This year there are also feature awards for the Best Emerging Farmer, Carbon Efficiency and Biodiversity. The Land Mobility category will focus on farmers who display innovative solutions to accessing and utilising land for farming. This includes farming arrangements that best demonstrate the benefits of collaborations such as long-term leases, registered partnerships, share farming, share milking and contract rearing for all parties involved. There is also a Biodiversity award this year supported by the National Rural Network.

IFA deputy president Richard Kennedy said, ‘The FBD Young Farmer of the Year is a wonderful opportunity for farmers to apply their knowledge, skill and vision in a competitive arena. As somebody who benefited so much from my time in Macra, I could not recommend it strongly enough as a means to advance yourself and come out of it better off.’

The winner of the 2019 FBD Young Farmer of the Year will receive a travel bursary and the opportunity to experience farm practices abroad, while also developing their skills. As in previous years, all county winners will also receive an award.

You can nominate a young farmer for one of the categories or you can enter yourself by visiting www.macra.ie/yfy. The closing date for applications is Friday 21 June 2019. The final will take place on Tuesday 3 September in the FBD Castleknock Hotel, Dublin.

Macra na Feirme president Thomas Duffy said, ‘In our 75th year, it’s wonderful to be celebrating one of our longest running and highly regarded competitions, the FBD Young Farmer of the Year. The sponsorship of FBD and our partnership with IFA has been key to the continued success of the competition.’


Who Can Enter?

Farmers must be:

Under 35 years of age on the 1st January 2019 and a member of Macra na Feirme or the IFA.

Involved in the running of the farm on which they currently work for a least three years, either full time or part time.

Note: All 2018 county winners and all past ‘FBD Young Farmer of the Year’ winners are ineligible to enter – all other entrants from last year and previous years may enter the competition.

To enter visit: www.macra.ie/yfy