Nitrates Farm Walk & Talk Series

Event Name Nitrates Farm Walk & Talk Series
Host Ag Affairs Committee
Date Throughout the month of September

All evening farm walks - start times do vary



The Nitrates Farm Walk & Talk Series coming to a farm near you this September with farm walks located across the country. These farm walks will include an element of the Nitrates Directive and information on the Public Consultation on Ireland's Nitrates Action Programme and how you can express your views. All are welcome!

  • Thursday 9th September Donal Sheenan's farm in East Cork - Donal is a qualified dairy farmer and member of the Bride Valley dairy discussion group based in Moorepark. Donal milks 70 cows in an intensive spring-calving operation. More information on the Bride Project can be found here:

  • Saturday 11th September John Casey's farm in Kerry - John and Michael Casey are farming in milk production partnership with family farm labour milking 120 fresian and Jersey Cross cows at the mouth of the Shannon Estuary. They are operating a compacting spring calving herd with a focus on grass. They use protected urea and LESS as part of our nutrient management plan.

  • Sunday 12th September Jonathan Dwyer's farm in Laois - Jonathan is operating a spring calving grass-based system with crossbred cows with low inputs and a focus on a simple system. the young stock are reared on the farm on out blocks. Key focus on %fat and %protein along with good fertility and grass production.

  • Monday 13th September Enda Armstrong's farm in Galway - Enda is farming in partnership with his father. They are spring calving, milking 144 cows and supply Arrabawn. They rear their own replacements on out blocks. The farm is in a very dry Limestone area.

  • Tuesday 14th September Fabian Jacob's farm in Kilkenny - Fabian is farming alongside his father and grandfather. Fabian is milking 100 cows and selling stock bulls and surplus heifers each year. There is a small dairy beef enterprise with cattle being sold at 16/17 months. 

  • Wednesday 15th September Brendan McLaughlin's Farm in Donegal - Brendan farms 90 acres and previously had tillage and sucklers. He buys weanling heifers, finishing some of the heifers and sells the others as stores. Brendan is a strong advocate for farm safety and this is part of the reason why he sold his cows. His farm safety methods will be run through on the night of the farm walk.

  • Thursday 16th September - Enda and Kelan Quinn in Leitrim - Enda and Kelan both work off-farm. They contract rearing calves, having previously operated a suckler system. During the farm walk topics for discussion will include animal health, automatic feeding, grassland management and hitting agreed targets throughout the animal’s time on the farm.


Macra an Feirme are also holding a Nitrates Consultation on the evening of Thursday 16th September. For more information click here.