Exchange to Canada - 25 May 2019 for up to 3 months

Terms of the 2019 JFAO Exchange

Number of delegates: 1

Minimum age: 19

Maximum age: 30

Arrival date: Saturday, May 25, 2019 by 5:00 p.m. There will be an orientation session which delegates should attend.

Departure date: Sunday August 25, 2019

Arrival destination: Pearson International Airport, Toronto (YYZ)*

Departure destination: Pearson International Airport, Toronto (YYZ)*

Language: Delegates must be able to speak basic English

Insurance: Delegates must acquire their own health and travel insurance and send proof of insurance prior to the start of the exchange program.


Possible Highlights or Cities

May 25- June 8

Zone 3

Toronto, Elora Gorge

June 9 – June 22

Zone 2

Peterborough Lift Locks, Kawartha Dairy

June 23 – July 6

Zone 1


July 7 – July 13

Break Week

Delegates Travel independently

July 14 – July 27

Zone 5

Point Pelee, Fruit & Veg farms, Canada Day

July 28– August 10

Zone 7

Bruce Peninsula, Lake Huron

August 11 – August 25

Zone 4

Niagara Falls, Mennonite Farms


Delegates will typically move to a new host family each week. There may be times when they may spend 2 weeks with a family or less than a week.

If a delegate is not participating in the entire exchange, due to the vast size of Ontario, we cannot guarantee they will see all of the attractions they may wish to see. Ie. If not here from August 11-25 they may not see Niagara Falls.

Costs: Delegates should expect to pay for activities, tourist attractions etc. Hosts are encouraged to provide most meals. However; delegates are expected to pay for some meals out of the home.

Please note the majority of the exchange will be touring and exploring the Province of Ontario. Delegates may have an opportunity to help their host families with daily chores in the farm. At no time will a delegate be reimbursed for their time as this is simply considered part of the exchange experience.

*If a delegate is arriving or departing on dates other than those listed above they will be financially responsible for getting to or from their host family. Please contact the Director of Community and International Programs to make appropriate arrangements.

**All activities, accommodations etc during Break Week are the responsibility of the delegate. Delegates should consult with the Director of CIP before booking flights etc.

If you are interested in the above exchange, please contact Audrey McDonnell @ with your CV and a letter expressing your interest before Thursday 28th February.