Macra na Feirme Launches Budget Submission 2022

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Macra na Feirme Launches Budget Submission 2022

Macra na Feirme has laid out its priorities for Budget 2022 which will lead directly to a stronger more progressive agricultural sector and a more progressive rural environment for young people to live and work. The focus is on both taxation and funding measures that will yield the greatest returns for young farmers. Macra na Feirme is also calling on government to honour their programme for government commitment in ensuring free access to contraception for women and girls aged 17-25.

“Macra na Feirme members want to see positive change in this country and that change starts by investing in young people. This year’s budget submission has a mix of different priority areas affecting young people including specific areas affecting young women” said Macra na Feirme National President John Keane

The agricultural proposals include important changes to existing measures such as changes to tax relief on the leasing of farmland to family members, ensuring parents can lease land to their children without being penalised. Further tax reliefs for young farmers including on stock and stamp duty feature in Macra na Feirme’s submission.

“Young farmers are integral to the sustainability of rural Ireland. Our budget proposals highlight the need to support farm succession and farm viability to ensure that young people remain on the land and have access to tax reliefs and supports to allow them to build a strong foundation to kickstart a successful career in farming” said Agricultural Affairs Chair Shane Fitzgerald said.

Macra na Feirme calls on government to deliver on its commitment to provide free access to contraception to women and girls aged 17 to 25 and to provide modern and consistent sexual education to those in education, including consent training.

“Cost is a barrier for young women in choosing their form of contraception. This is a gendered issue, as women tend to bear the bulk of the cost. Government needs to make good on their commitment and demonstrate that they are committed to improving access” said Sarah Kelly, Chair of the Rural Youth Committee.

On social aspects Macra has also highlighted the need for the funding of services for those who suffer from a gambling addiction and the appointment of a gambling regulator. The organisation believes this appointment needs to be made sooner rather than later as Irish gamblers are the fourth-biggest gamblers in the European Union and in 2020, Irish gamblers lost approximately €1.36 billion.