Macra na Feirme has 3 sub-committees appointed from our National Council. These include the Agricultural Affairs, Rural Youth and Competition Committees. These sub-committees promote the values and objectives of Macra na Feirme through their activities.

Our sub-committees are made up of members of National Council, but we also have limited places for co-opted members.

Interested in getting involved on one of our sub-committees? Forms for election will be available before our National AGM in May.

Agricultural Affairs Committee

The Macra na Feirme Agricultural Affairs sub-committee’s brief encompasses all young farmer issues, including the pursuit of unimplemented proposals from existing Macra na Feirme policy documents and position papers, and the drafting of new policy proposals relating to young farmers. It also formulates statements on issues of concern to young farmers for adoption by National Council. The sub-committee achieves its aims through participation in social partnership, nationally coordinated lobby campaigns, and regular bilateral meetings with Government ministers and department officials.

Every young farmer in Macra has access to the Agricultural Affairs Committee through their county’s Young Farmer Development Group and is encouraged to put ideas forward to the Committee.

Rural Youth Committee

The main aim of Macra na Feirme’s Rural Youth sub-committee is to develop Macra’s role and image as an organisation for all young people. This sub-committee consults members, undertakes research and executes lobbying and public awareness campaigns on a wide range of issues that affect young people. Rural Youth devises policy on relevant issues for adoption by Macra’s National Council and pursues implementation of these policies. The sub-committee is responsible for promoting Macra’s participation in local rural development initiatives and devises national policy on rural development. The sub-committee also has responsibility for the travel programme.

Competitions Committee

The Macra na Feirme Competitions sub-committee’s key responsibility is to coordinate, administer and promote the national competitions programme. Its remit includes responsibility for planning, monitoring and reviewing Macra na Feirme competitions. It also administers the sports programme and evaluates this on an ongoing basis with a view to suggesting improvements for the future.