Macra na Feirme says Government must Ban Online Gambling Ads

Macra na Feirme says Government must Ban Online Gambling Ads

Macra naFeirme today has supported calls for a ban on gambling advertising online. The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have resulted in a notable increase in both online gambling and online advertisements for these services. The extension of the government lockdown has meant that temptation to gamble is greater now than ever as people are restricted to their homes. Those who would have traditionally placed bets in the bookies, may now be turning to online which is open 24/7. 

 “These ads can take advantage of those that are vulnerable, and this is compounded by the lack of the normal social networks which have been removed during Covid lockdowns. The Government must legislate to ban online gambling ads to protect those being targeted,” said Macra na Feirme National President Thomas Duffy. 

Gambling addiction is something that affects over 30,000 people in Ireland and problem gambling can result in bankruptcy and significant social issues. According to the Institute of Public Health in Ireland, gambling addiction affects young people at 2-3 times the rate of adults. Gambling online or by telephone is most prevalent in the 25-34 year old groups (5.7%), followed by 18-24 year olds (4.8%).  

“During this crisis, people are vulnerable, anxious and have more time on their hands. Traditionally betting would be seen as associated with betting shops and races however online gambling allows people to gamble on anything at any time. Government statistics now show it is a widespread problem from senior managers to the unemployed. Many people are throwing away their incomes due to the actions of these gambling companies. Promoting gambling during this high stress time is nothing short of predatory,” shares Macra na Feirme Rural Youth Chairperson, Shane Quigley.