Macra na Feirme seeking ambitious and just climate change commitments at COP26

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Macra na Feirme seeking ambitious and just climate change commitments at COP26

Macra na Feirme will be part of the Irish delegation attending the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) next week in Glasgow. COP26 is considered the last-chance to secure agreement on making the necessary changes to emissions in order to limit climate change to a 1.5 degree increase.  

The Conference begins this weekend with world leaders gathering to negotiate and make commitments to deliver on the needs to address the climate change challenge. 

Young people across Ireland are acutely aware of the need for action in relation to climate change, the message from Irish young farmers and rural youth is clear, we need policies to deliver real change alongside practical workable solutions that are beneficial for the environment while supporting a just transition for those in rural communities.  

“We are pleased to engage constructively in working to reduce the impacts of climate change while representing the interests of Irish young farmers and rural youth” said Macra na Feirme National President John Keane.  

“The climate crisis urgently needs addressing, every part of society has a role to play, right from small changes in all our daily lives up to ensuring that the 100 large companies who are responsible for some 70% of global emissions make the necessary changes in daily practice to reduce their impact” added Keane.

“Irish young rural people are standing ready and waiting to meet the challenge head on as it is our generation who will be unduly affected. We look forward to engaging proactively to ensure the commitments are ambitious and just” concluded Keane.

Attending on behalf of Macra na Feirme are National President John Keane from 3 November and Agriculture and Rural Affairs Officer Gillian Richardson from 31 October.