Macra "Steps for our Future" March

Macra "Steps for our Future" March

Please see the below article about Marca's march which will be taking place next week, 25th and 26th of April 2023. We ask for everyone's support on these issues.

Macra plans to take ‘Steps for our Future’


On April 25th Macra will carry the message for the future of Rural Ireland from its roots in Athy County Kildare to the doors of Government in the centre of Dublin. 

Macra President John Keane has said that " Over the past two years we have put forward continuous constructive proposals around forming the future that rural young people want in Ireland. Sadly the Government have failed to engage proactively on many of these proposals".

Macra will walk from Athy County Kildare where Macra was founded in 1944 to the gates of Government in Dublin City Centre carrying the message for the future of Rural Ireland. 

The main issues that are coming to the fore for Macra members are:

1.       Accessing affordable housing and cumbersome housing planning guidelines 
 2.      Disjointed and sparse healthcare services for rural communities 
 3.      The Governments definition of a family farm as ‘average’ and ‘typical’
 4.      No recognition or engagement by Government on a farming succession scheme 
 5.      Lack of planning for the future of our rural communities informed by rural people
 6.      Imposition of quotas on young farmers availing of grant aid support 
 7.      Lack of public transport for rural Ireland 
 8.      Proposals to rewet large areas of rural Ireland
Macra will take ‘Steps for our Future’ walking the 14 hours through the night to arrive at the gates of Government at 13:00 on April Wednesday 26th

"On behalf of our members across the country, I am asking that rural people from all over the country support our action. We are the future of our rural communities, we want to remain in rural Ireland, what we want now is the Government to support youth in rural Ireland", the Macra president concluded. 



Please note any queries received from media, please direct them to Macra national office. You can email and copy to

Please share this with your members and encourage as many as possible to attend. This matters for our future and the future of our communities, the time to act is now.


Yours in Macra,

All of Us