Club Question Time Rules


Sponsored by Kerrygold


This competition is intended to encourage members to improve their general knowledge.

Team Size

A team must consist of four members.


Counties/regions can enter two teams to the national final.


Team members must be 17 years of age or over and under 35 years on September 1st, 2020

Two members per team of each of the previous year’s county/region representative teams can participate the following year.

National winners are ineligible to compete for two years.

Note: ICT is not permitted while competing in this competition. If a competitor is found to have such equipment on their person while the competition is in progress, then the team will be disqualified.


 Part 1

The first four rounds will be individual written tests comprising 10 questions on a topic chosen by the competitor from the following:

  • Current affairs
  • Sport
  • Film and television
  • Popular music

Each team member must choose a different topic and can only answer on one topic. Tables for all competing teams will be clearly named/numbered at the venue. The first member of each team will sit at their table (alone) and answer their 10 questions on one topic only. After the sheets are collected, the other team members do likewise in turn. Each correct answer will receive one mark. There will be a break after part one and the aggregate score after four rounds will be announced before part two commences.

Part 2

There will be six rounds of 10 team questions in a table-quiz format. The quizmaster may use audio or visual rounds as they wish. Each correct answer will receive one mark.


The team with the highest score is the winner. In the event of a tie, extra rounds of five questions will be asked to the tied teams to determine the winner.

Closing Date

The closing date for entries to National Office is Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020.