Rules / NDC Bowling Competition


 Sponsored by the National Dairy Council


Counties/regions can enter one club team in the competition.

A County / Region that has not entered a Bowling team for three or more years can enter a rainbow team for two consecutive years.

Team Size

Teams must consist of six players – three of whom must be male and three of whom must be female.


See general sports rules.

Guidelines for Play

  1. Games will be played according to usual bowling rules.
  2. Any rules listed below will take precedence over the rules of the venue.
  3. Members of each team will bowl as a group in the same lane for the first round.
  4. Team members’ scores will then be added together and the six teams with the highest total scores will bowl in a bowl-off.
  5. Team members will bowl in separate lanes for the bowl-off.
  6. The team with the highest score from the bowl-off is the winner.
  7. Should the winning scores be tied after the bowl-off, at least an additional 3 frames will be played between the two teams. Teams will play as a team on 2 separate lanes, with each person getting 2 throws per frame. The highest team score after the 3 frames will be the winner.
  8. If the scores are still tied, an extra frame is added in a sudden death situation until a winner is reached.

Closing Date

The closing date for entries to National Office is Wednesday, September 23th, 2020