Rules / NDC GAA Competition


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Counties/regions can enter one club women’s team and one club men’s team in the competition.

A county/region that has not entered a men’s or women’s team for three or more years can enter a rainbow team for two consecutive years.


Team Size     

  • A team must consist of a minimum of seven players.
  • Teams can sign in up to three substitutes.
  • A team list, including substitutes, must be submitted to the Presiding Officer at sign-in on the day of the competition. This list will be checked for verification and affiliation.


See general sports rules.


Guidelines for Play

1   Games will be played in accordance with GAA rules.

2   Team jerseys must be worn.

3   Kick-outs after wides or scores can be taken from the goalkeeper’s hands.

4   Games will be a minimum of eight minutes per side in the group stages and 10 minutes per side for play-off games.

5   Players sent off as a result of two yellow cards will be suspended for the rest of the match while players who receive a straight red card are suspended for the rest of the tournament.

6   Teams must supply their own footballs.

Note: The above are guidelines and can be modified by the Presiding Officer subject to conditions on the day.


Substitution is unlimited but can only occur during a break in play and with the referee’s approval.

Closing Date

The closing date for entries to National Office is Wednesday, October 7th, 2020.